Emulate Real Attackers Accurately


A new perspective on defense
With expert insight from offense

Experts agree, attackers are resource-constrained and attackers have a boss and a budget.  Resourced-constrained attackers who have multiple targets care about repeatability and scalability.  Real attacker groups are using inexpensive, but effective methods against organizations—methods that aren't being tested for or defended against properly.

We identify the attackers that are most likely to attack your organization, profile those attacker groups and use real threat intelligence to determine how they break into organizations.  We take those tactics and replay them against your organization.  The result is a repeatable exercise and an actionable report of the attacks most likely to be used by attackers against your organization.

Your cyber systems continue to function and serve you not due to the expertise of your security staff but solely due to the sufferance of your opponents.
— Brian Snow, former NSA Information Assurance Director

The Old Way


Penetration tests and red teams are expensive, unreliable, poorly scoped, and unrealistic.


The NEW Way


We give you a completely new way to test the security of your organization.  Giving you precise, practical, effective, and repeatable results.


Putting real defense first

Penetration TestS Suck

The penetration testing industry doesn't cut it anymore. Tests have become compliance checkboxes for organizations. The market has become overrun with low quality testing and reporting.

Real Attackers

Many successful attacker groups operate with no offensive technical expertise. The most successful campaigns start with phishing. Even the most sophisticated campaigns use exploits with reliability rates in the single digits. Many attacker groups employ operators that work nine to five local hours and follow a simple playbook.

Real Threat Intelligence

Instead of ephemeral information like IP addresses, MD5 hashes, and other indicators of compromise, we collecte and use indelible information on techniques and procedures.

Realistic and Actionable findings

Our playbooks are based on real attacks, so every finding includes the specific attacker groups that use each tactic. Along with each attacker group, we’ll let you know their skill level and their likelihood to use each tactic, so you can focus on the issues that are most important to your organization first.

Specific remediation plans

Simple vulnerabilities deserve simple solutions. Our remediation plans give you the fastest and easiest way to neuter your adversary.


Real attackers keep track of success rates and care about attack reliability.  So do we.  We'll tell you how you stack up against different attacker groups and other organizations in your vertical.


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